Hey everyone !!

This is the place to share questions that maybe yourself or your teacher spot..x kan lah x da ramal apa- apa soalan kan..

And since this website doesnt own a forum space or even a chatbox( because im too lazy ^^ )

you can just spread the word by using the comment box..

Please be generous..dont lie..and lets all hope that they will come out in pmr

All the best in PMR !! FIGHTING !!


345 Responses to “SOALAN SPOT/BOCOR”

  1. daalleni Says:

    hey….. u did say dat u have papers 4rm terengganu n stuff, rite??? could u pls pls pls mail it 2 me?????

    ma mail is dall_93@hotmail.com

    pls, pls, pls do so….. am really interested!!!

    thanks a million!!

    • asyraf Says:

      aku ade…. ringkasan BM. mengenai keistimewaan bahasa malaysia… bhgn B. cara2 memupuk semangat kejiranan, bhgn C. kebaikan membeli brgn buatan malaysia. bhn D. die suruh beri contoh kejadian drpd teks yg diberikan… taat kpd perintah agama,hormat org tua, bekerjasama~_~.. good luck PMR… kalo ade soalan bocor tuh. ko msg aku 0172825759

    • aso Says:

      Soalan ramalan PMR 2010 call 0192217375.

  2. 3krk1 Says:

    share your papers…i want more papers from terengganu…bm and bi papers…

  3. kulshona Says:

    Boleh emel kertas PMR semua negeri pada saya? Emel saya kulshona@gmail.com.
    Terima kasih.

  4. nyssa Says:

    i want trial pmr 2008 papers from terengganu for every subjects!!!plizzz and i also want the spot question from terengganu and kelantan…do email me at sheiz_nyssa@yahoo.com…..plizzzzzzzzzz

  5. nadzurah Says:

    hye there!!i want trial paper for all state.If possible..!!please and thanks a lot..
    my email.. nadzurah_girl@yahoo.com

  6. d3ylL@ Says:

    sape ade solan trial trgganu???
    bley emel kt dla x???
    fellosmart93@yahoo.com eyh???
    pliiz sgat2….
    kongsi la sme2…

  7. shafieqa Says:

    saya mahukan soalan trial paper untuk semua negeri…Emel saya fieqa_style10@yahoo.com

  8. ahal Says:

    I want all the terengganu trials paper…pls email to me.thx.

  9. yana Says:

    wei…tolong nk ketas from smua negri….soon plizz…takot tak sempat…i’ll wait for ya….do get it plizz….i hargai sngat2….

  10. simlu Says:

    hi…can you send me the tips for PMR diagnostik exams??My e-mail address is simlu_93@hotmail.com

  11. cash Says:

    can you please e-mail me all the trial papers from all over. Really would be GREAT.
    thanks a million:)

  12. ahal Says:

    pLS send me terenganu and kelantan papers…I need it badly
    my email add is ahal93cutie@yahoo.com

  13. nana Says:

    erm,..guys..PMR kali ni kluar soalan dari terengganu ke??

  14. nana Says:

    bleh tak bgtau, kali ni kuar soalan ape??………klau sape2 tau email kat nana_indaschool@yahoo.com

  15. nabmj Says:

    tis website is really useful because my school is having 2nd trial. They take all the questions from another state’s trial. Its really cool coz i know what is the questions early before the exam.
    o yeah,
    btw, if u guys have t’ganu n kelantan’s trial exam, please giv it to me okeh?
    thx a lot!

    give them to khalizatul@gmail.com

    i also hav my school’s trial paper if u want.. as a trade.

  16. lolly.. Says:

    can u send me t’ganu n klantan’s trial paper???
    send 2 my email keyh…i’m waiting wif hope..

  17. namie Says:

    hello there….erm i’m from perak….n i want trial pmr 2008 paper from terengganu n also kelantan..better if someone can get me all subject 4 trngganu pmr trial..i really hope that i can get it….coz i guess this year trngganu paper will come out 4 pmr….juz guess….but i want all da paper as soon as possible….tanx alot..may god bless u..my email..ariel_nitch4eve@yahoo.com

  18. ikan masin Says:

    soalan keluar thn in ikut gabungan soalan thn 2000 and 1998

  19. flu93 Says:

    nmpkny, rmi y nk kn papers from trgganu
    n klntn…
    including me..
    sspe y ad papers from both country,
    i mean, all subjects…

    plz.. plz.. plz..
    msokkan papers tuh kt web niyh..
    i will often open diz web..

  20. aishah humaira Says:

    hi there, why all these people are asking 4 t’ganu’s and kelntn’s trial paper? are they going to be the real one???? i need answer here… please!!!

    • Jenna Says:

      Doubt it though. Surely got similar questions thats the point of trial but takkan keluar EXACTLY pula. not fair la tu..and it’s never happened

  21. ayie Says:

    kan cg ckp exam PMR ni maybe kuar opinion….novel lak kuar tema or p’soalan….tu yg spot je…xtau btl ke x…

  22. baobao Says:

    who can tell me pmr percubaan 2008 sekolah berasrama penuh bahasa melayu and english komsas came out wat ?

    or who can email all the exam paper 4 me?

  23. simlu Says:

    hi…can you send me the tips for PMR diagnostik exams?? My e-mail address is simlu_93@hotmail.com…please send me the file as soon as possible
    thank you

  24. fara Says:

    i need more lg trial paper from selangor .

    plzz n thk you

  25. mahez Says:

    hey can u send me the terengganu and kelantan pmr question ,please (mahesmission@yahoo.com)

  26. alagumenal Says:

    my teacher’s friend(who is also one of the pembuat kertas PMR 2008) said for sure bahagian C there will be a question about PERPADUAN.

  27. syita Says:

    hi..can you send me all the papers of pmr trial in terengganu..i need all those things a.s.ap. tq..(^-^)

  28. rajvin Says:

    hey everyone
    pls sent trials papers 2008 to my mail (rajvin.walia@gmail.com)especially from terengganu or kelantan
    i would really appreciate it
    i have papers from negeri sembilan if u want

  29. kulshona Says:

    Salam kepada semua , and hi to all!
    Please send to me whatever PMR papers you all have to my email kulshona@gmail.com

    And terima kasih for all the tips and motivation.

  30. bond Says:

    hey there …..i want all daerah gombak trial papers email me sharvin_coolz@yahoo.com

  31. Xiao Wang Zi Says:

    PMR TIPS 2008

  32. Yuri Says:

    hi^^ i need selangor trial exam paper…
    can u pls email to me ?
    i rili need tis…

  33. Yuri Says:

    hi^^ i need selangor trial exam paper…
    can u pls email to me ?
    i rili need tis…huimin0515_uknow@hotmail.com

  34. cherryki Says:

    sesape ada pmr trial paper [subject apa pun boleh] utk semua negeri tolong send kat e-mail saya
    >> cherryki98@gmail.com << [harap korang boleh send kat saya subject perdagangan dan keusahawanan]
    tq banyak2!!

  35. rena Says:

    Could someone would be kind enough to e-mail
    me terengganu & kelantan trial paper for
    exchange for selangor ones.


  36. rena Says:

    Could someone would be kind enough to e-mail
    me terengganu & kelantan trial paper for
    exchange for selangor ones.

    My e-mail renawong_15@hotmail.com

  37. hani Says:

    sy nk mntak skln trial pmr 2008 kelantan n terengganu(sme sbjek)..n skali ngan jwpn tau….”xde jwpn pown xperw”….kalo aderw skln mrsm pown ok gak…
    send kt email sy nie tau…
    kerjasama anda amat dhargai n kjayaan milik kte bsame…gud luck 4 pmr……..

  38. nad Says:

    hi!u seem like a nice person!i’ll try2 email u my trial papers…is trengnu n kelantan like da1?? nyways i would like to have all trengnun kelantan papers!! thnks so much!!i love u…thanks…
    my email is dirry123@msn.com

  39. ayong Says:

    solan bm kertas 2…
    bahagian ransangan…
    banyak negeri spot SUKAN kluar..
    x caye… korang bwat r research

  40. ayong Says:

    yang terengganu punyer pun banyak kali kami bwat soalan pasal SUKAN…

  41. zam Says:

    tolong email saya soalan spot dan soalan pecubaan kat zam_ir@yahoo.com please !!!!

  42. simlu Says:

    can send me all the trial papers…please!!!

  43. AZRI Says:

    elo…. aku ada ramalan for english,bm,sc,math and agama ISLAM. kalu nak,sent kt aku trial PAPER Tganu….. A.S.A.P. org yg pertama yg bg kat aku, aku akan bg ramalan cikgu aku yg buat PAPER pmr 2008… cepat….. sent kat azz_ery@yahoo.com

  44. maggie Says:

    can i get all the subject of trial of Terengganu .
    follow by the answer..
    please mail them to me..
    thanks alot^^

  45. rooney Says:

    hey guys!!!!!!!pls i really need the terengganu trials papers…….pls i will really appriciate if i could get it before pmr>>>>>>………..thanx a lot=}

    my e-mail add is sathyas_9@hotmail.com

  46. faz Says:

    tolong e-mail kt sya soalan trial semua negeri dan soalan-soalan spot.thanks

  47. james Says:

    hey there…i need pmR question will out 1 or 2007 de paper all subject pls email me jameslau1798@hotmail.com if can get sarawak paper … thank you

  48. fZ Says:

    w0i aq from tganu..soalan aq da xtau ar kt mner aq ltak..da ilang k0t..spe yg nk 2 sowi ar..klau ckgu aq de paper lbih nnti aq try ar mintk..insyaallah.
    xley nk janji.

  49. Nazrin Says:

    Just want to tell

    Pendidikan Islam.. focus on this title
    – Ihsan terhadap binatang
    – Harta Benda Sekolah
    – Toghut
    – Neraka / Syurga

    —-> My analysis ( Sabah , Terengganu, Johor , Kelantan ) paper..

  50. Nazrin Says:

    Hmm, I want to share my analysis..

    Focus this on science paper 2
    – Measuring of force
    – Electrolysis

    – Plot/Gaya bahasa
    – Mutu sukan negara ( meningkatkan )

    – Synopsis/Plot/Interesting Events
    – Articles/ Opinion based on dialogue/ Formal Letters and Speech

    If anyone have GEOGRAPHY and HISTORY from any STATE please give it to me..


  51. 3krk1 smkdmpr2 Says:

    spot questions

    bm karangan :
    -sukan negara
    -cara meningkatkan pengeluaran negara

    bi essay :
    bi literature :

    admin of the blog

  52. Nazrin Says:

    anyone who have any spot topic for paper 2 science?

    please post it here …


    20 days left..

  53. mek Says:

    ak spot,soalan BI keluar report,opinion n letters .novel plak keluar theme or lesson .bm plak masalah perpaduan,sukan n pengeluaran negara.wow!!!!!!!!! korang semua spot soalan sn keluar apa?kongsilh.kalau nk kongsi hantarlah kat alamat e-mail ak.

    good luck in your pmr everyone!!!!!!!!
    all the best………….

  54. cbah Says:

    leh bg soalan percubaan negeri sembilan x???
    pleezzz…email kat nasibah.cute@yahoo.com

  55. WeiSheng Says:

    hello…to all the buddies here…may i hav the sejarah n geografi trial papers?Kelantan n terengganu 1..pls email to me..good luck to u n me 🙂
    my email : wws448@hotmail.com

  56. WeiSheng Says:

    hey buddies..who got the terengganu n kelantan (geo n sej ) papers pls email to me…PLS..

    GOOD LUCK TO U n ME :)..


  57. WeiSheng Says:

    My Email Addresss is : wws448@hotmail.com

    Thank YOU!

  58. Jue Says:

    Sume nak soalan trial T’gganu…sy dr T’ggnu..
    sy nak tlg korang sume, tp sy xreti nak scan soalan2 tu, n one more, kertas sy tu comot cket r n sdh dipenuhi dgn jwpn2…he2…

    I.a kalu abg saya blk cuti nie, sy suh dye tlg scan kan soalan2 tu…..

    ckg sy ade bgtau soalan t’gganu bgs…

    By the way, doakan sy berjaya dpt 8As PMR ye…..

  59. sakara Says:

    pls somebody who got the tip send to me……..my mail i yeongshyang12@hotmail.com

  60. run Says:

    HEY THIS IS COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  61. sakara Says:

    is tat real ? and the novel will out perbezaan again? so scare………and who have the kelantan and terengganu trial exam paper send to me….. thank….yeongshyang12@hotmail.com

  62. ch Says:

    hey..can u pls send me all the trials for every state?pls pls pls!i rly need it thx!!:]

  63. farhana_n9 Says:

    wanna english trial paper 2 frm kuala lumpur…
    cz my school is hving 2nd trial…

  64. Sushin Says:

    Thankx alot for al de uploads.appreciate it deeply….can u plz email me all de papers and terengganu and kelantan trial….i can download some… millions of thanks…
    my email add. ssushintha@yahoo.com

  65. PoOHbEar.. Says:

    hi 2 everyone! Do you all hv the PMR diagnostik paper 2008 and all the PMR Trial Paper frm other states? i reali nid it! if u all hv,cn u send it 2 me? thanks a lot! ^^..teddytales93@hotmail.com

  66. Nazrin Says:

    to Poohbear.. you can find here PMR trial paper from all states.. Diagnostic paper useless lah..

  67. daniel yong Says:

    can sombody sent me terenganur and kelantan paper ?
    plus ans ..

  68. hero Says:

    For Bm I spot plot will be the title for novelPMR 2008

  69. Angie Chai Says:

    Can you share your tips of KH(perdagangan dan keusahawanan)or not?

  70. afif Says:

    ley x tlg mail kn skln trial t’ganu, all sbject…..pliss 😦

  71. afif Says:

    ley x tlg email kn skln trial t’ganu, all sbject at afif_faiz93@yahoo.co.uk…pliss yehh.. 😦

  72. oligo c0c0 Says:

    korang!!!pmr nak dkat..blaja ler..nie smpt nak on9..pe la…ngok!!!!hahahhahaha..

  73. Sakura_Dreamer Says:

    Hey guys!! Do guys have any idea wat might come out for english, sc, BM???
    If you know let me know k??


  74. Uncertified.... Says:

    sape2 yg ad solan spot or boco pls tell me la…
    bengging oredi la..
    my email is fazilp_88@hotmail.com
    if u give me da real PMR quest,
    i dun care give u money la..
    pls la…

  75. siv@ Says:

    why everyone wants TERENGGANU PAPERS? Tell me please please share the secret

  76. siv@ Says:

    Please share the secret

  77. charming Says:

    help i want the tips please e-mail for me this is me e-mail address charminglee99@yahoo.com thank you

  78. nad_93 Says:

    weyh,sesape yang de soalan spot pmr tok taun neyh….plzzzzzz.share with me!!

  79. nad_93 Says:

    tlg k….ak mang da reay tp sejarah 2 wt ak lemah r.plzzzzzzz

  80. nad_93 Says:

    yg ak tau novel bm naek plot or sinopsis..tp….x taw r tol ker x..2 pown ak search nternet..

  81. nad_93 Says:

    thanxx sesangattt…..4 nazrin,u elp me a lot..thanx guysss..

  82. Sasuke Says:

    Uncertified…. Says:
    October 3, 2008 at 8:08 am

    sape2 yg ad solan spot or boco pls tell me la…
    bengging oredi la..
    my email is fazilp_88@hotmail.com
    if u give me da real PMR quest,
    i dun care give u money la..
    pls la…

    sasuke:there’s no such things as soalan bocor..Dont waste ur money like that..

  83. zuffy Says:

    hey guyz..if korg ade spot questions for sc p2, bm p2 n bi p2,plez3 email me okeh..

  84. zuffy Says:

    eh..tetinggal lak email add..az_ayunizafira@yahoo.com

  85. Nazrin Says:

    You’re welcome Nad_93..

    Hmm, I also don’t know why Terengganu & Kedah papers many people want it.. but my suggestion to all of you is just do all the trial from all states.. It will help u so much.. just like what I did.. I’ve done almost 2/3 trial paper from every states.. and I also already noticed science paper 2 question that repeatedly I do in different paper..

    Eh, I don’t know if my grammar / sentences is correct.. so correct me if I am wrong… ehehe..

    9 more days to go.. good luck everyone!

  86. noob Says:

    ahakz……tlg bagi soalan perak kat saya plz…….+_+’i need to hurry

  87. noob Says:

    myzid93@yahoo.com…….send to me plz…..+_+’

  88. siv@ Says:

    if got spot questions please email me at vasand27@hotmail.com

  89. rocK Says:

    Arsenal the best

  90. Great Fellow Says:

    Hi, I really need trial papers of all subjects from terenganu and kelantan…pls email me ..

    And i will like to share soething…try AndrewChoo PMR TIPS IN web,,

  91. alagumenal Says:


  92. ch gurl Says:

    my school spotted ‘teknik plot’ bm literature…

    theme of ‘friendship’ for bi literature..

  93. Waarrgghhhhh!!~~ hantu datang melayang!“

  94. Nazrin Says:

    thanks ch gurl..

    I will concentrate on that ;)..

    Thanks a lot guys..

    It’s getting nearer now.. 5 more days..

  95. M@t Teng@h Says:

    have spot question? sent to me

  96. Eddieyz Says:

    hey.. force n menstrual n heat wajib msuk..u guys bace la..bm psal sukan..bi wa tataw..math mudah je..klu nk tip bijak dari sye, sye ley gtaw.. ym sya ada.. sya bkan nk tlong.. tp mau menolong..sye ley tlong p2 je..geo mudah jew..GOoD LUCK GUYS..ALL THE BEST.. p/s: ym azamy_system@yahoo.com

  97. feeq Says:

    skool ak spot bi tang literature uh kuar combination.. tp x taw pa..

  98. syer Says:

    hyep allz!!thnx 4 all the spot questions!!

    OMG!!PMR is just around da cornr!!hu3..

    >>DBSK 4 eva!!ha3 (smpat agy)..

  99. hidayah Says:

    nie ade tajuk2 PENTING untuk paper 2 scienc…

    silicon compound
    metal sulphide
    menstruation cycle

    kalu sesapa ada soalan spot…email/fs/ym ker ida_bgood@yahoo.com.my

  100. alagumenal Says:

    Guys and Girls concentrate on masalah perpaduan for BAHAGIAN C. teknik plot/gaya bahasa/latar/persoalan.

  101. syer Says:

    >>>need history answer 4 ngri johor!!

  102. Nazrin Says:

    thanks to u also alagumenal.. hmm..

  103. OmeGazRuLez Says:

    Anyone have the spot questions…
    if all of u have,please share
    i have one
    please read about the incident that happens in the novel(literature)

  104. PoOHbEar.. Says:

    to Nazrin…thx a lot!…do you hv any tips 4 PMR?? ^^..

  105. PoOHbEar.. Says:

    thx alagumenal…^^

  106. PoOHbEar.. Says:

    hihi 2 all form 3 students…try 2 concentrate on BM essay-mutu sukan negara….and is andrew choo’s tips useful??

  107. min min Says:

    eyt eyt korang korang,
    spot soxlan lg mane nye??
    pening pening ni…

  108. Sorry93 Says:

    anyone pls send me terengganu and kelantan paper for all subject. pls…………..

  109. Sorry93 Says:

    If someone hv Terengganu and Kelantan spot and percubaan 2008 paper pls send to my mail sorry_eugune93@hotmail.com . Thank You and god will bless u in your PMR

  110. suffian Says:

    spot questions,x jamin 100%

    science paper 2
    -chnge of energy

    sapa nk tahu lebih lnjut tntg soalan science pmr this yr,contact me:


  111. xing Says:

    i think bm karangan would keluar mutu sukan+perlancongan+masalah perpaduan!

  112. Nazrin Says:

    Yeah, BM essay, focus on this topic

    Mutu Sukan Negara and

    Memupuk Semangat Perpaduan..

    AC tips?.. I don’t know.. but just do our best 😉

    You’re welcome btw..

  113. Nazrin Says:

    I have this bad intention..

    I’m hoping that the graph will be low so I can easily score A..

    Hmm..>.<… It’s scary!!

  114. azrul Says:

    hey i heard moral value for bi will come out

  115. alif Says:

    Hi! ad tak yg tau soalan spot pendidikan islam. anybody? one more thing. somebody would u please e-mail me all trial papers except selangor.

    thx!!trimas trimas.

  116. nora Says:

    nazrin dont scared it just ur feelings….pmr just in the corner so do your best…..i also will do my best in pmr…insyallah..remember me in ur pray….haha:)

  117. patrick Says:

    get all the state’s trial papers there 🙂

  118. hasveen Says:

    gosh..whts with u ppl n tganu n klantan papers..daymm
    pmr in 2 more days!!
    how to do all d states quest!

  119. azrul Says:

    pmr candidate from sabah and sarawak i nedd you……i heard the time are different between west and east malaysia please send me a message or hit me sarawakian……0122302665…ireally need your help sabah and sarawak

  120. Brad Says:

    anyone know or predict what will come out for the novel and BI literature pls send it to my e-mail….thx…. 🙂 tears_fly_away@hotmail.com

  121. Nazrin Says:

    lol at azrul, yes time diff for east and west malaysia is 30 minutes… but we’ll start at the same time lah.. I’m Sabahan 😉

  122. Nazrin Says:

    @nora ,

    yes I know, Insyallah.. I will do my best ;).. LOL.. I don’t really study already for the past 2 days… hmm.. >.<.. xD…

  123. Nazrin Says:

    Good luck everyone, to all Muslim and non-Muslim..

    Do our best tomorrow! But, I hope 50% of the candidates will make the graph low.. so we can easily score A’s.. huhu.. >.<..!!

    Btw, Good luck!!!!

  124. emah Says:

    agaknyer bi kuar interesting event…..
    hafal all themes n moral value…you will know everything…..

    ……gud luck sumeee…..hrap ak dpt 9A’s in PMR…amin,amin ya rabbal alamin…..

  125. Rai Says:


    -Penculikan di Malaysia(punca, kesan)


    Speech (guided writing)

    Btw, why u guys mentioned TERENGGANU n KELANTAN?? masuk ke???

  126. Kenji Says:

    Hmmm…if gaya bahasa rly came out….how r we suppose to rite…any1 got contoh…

  127. faiiHOT Says:

    gimme evythng about PMR papers ! like pronto ! hellpppp ! 😥
    mail me stnrfrz@yahoo.com

  128. rajvin Says:

    bahagian c
    about perpaduan
    laporan hari kantin
    mutu sukan negera

    bahagian d
    teknik plot

  129. Nazrin Says:

    ah, harap sangat Perpaduan keluar.. :).. sebab I already prepare that one.. 😉

  130. wan Says:

    btl ke bi masuk speech ttg sport n game ???????

  131. ain Says:

    tell me other questions pmr 2008. i really appreciate . 🙂

    pls pls . awekz_kl93@yahoo.com

  132. ahyee Says:

    mutu ukan got many sukan de wor,wad sukan o..
    tekni, plot will come out meh,my teachersay is plot

  133. ahyee Says:

    tomorrow is pmr edir,hope good luck in pmr..

  134. hannah Says:

    hey rajvin, how do you know?

  135. tharshini Says:

    Hye thr!!!!!
    i get news 4m ma tchers that 2mrw bm wil keluar
    1.meningatan mutu sukan negara
    2.aktiviti2 luar :cth perkhemahan
    4.memupuk semangat perpaduan
    5.surat rasmi
    peribahasa :di mana ada kemahuan disitu ada jalan…

    novel:plot ataupun gaya bahasa

    good luck!!!!!try ur best among the rest…..hope can c ur result in flying colours….tc

  136. syifa Says:

    doakan syifa b’jya dlm PMR esok k..!!!

  137. ary Says:

    nie ade cket soalan spot yg org yg bleyh dprcayai bg kat aku…..

    bm….. novel,bnaan plot(prmulaan,klimaks,pleraian)….

    bi….. novel, baca yg ni….
    eventz, lessons,theme n moral value……

    gud lak 4 all!!!!
    pray 4 me yaa!!!

  138. karvind Says:

    hey…can u e-mel me spoted questions? and for bahasa melayu i think for kertas 2 bahagian d will keluar about plot(says my tuisyen teacher)my tuisyen teacher is pembuat soalan upsr and pmr(math)..but he say maybe dat could come(49%)

  139. emily Says:

    everyone’s saying teknik plot,but it came out for one of the important exams in WP(sorry i don’t remember which)…

  140. teh xiang yi Says:

    good luck all

  141. aa Says:

    apa yang keluar ni?? blur la~~~~~~~~~~`

  142. Afiq Says:

    Ha.. PMR nak mula dalam 9 jam lagi.. aku pulak main Gears of War, searching last minute soalan ramalan, dan juga kasi korang encouragement.. GOOD LUCK! I hope everyone here get good results!

  143. Aizil Says:

    hi guys….
    leh tolong ak x..
    tolong bg tahu ak solan bocor…
    all subjek plzz….

    email = zlnazif_93@yahoo.com

    urgent !!!!!

  144. syer Says:

    omg!!dont knw why my hrt beat so fst tdy!!ha3..
    ok..i wnna tke my brkfst rght now!!
    td allz da PMR cnddte!!do ur best..

  145. Nazrin Says:

    =].. hehe.. I can do the Essay..!! yess.. latar tempat make my heart feel so cold 😛

  146. henry Says:

    All the spotted questions didnt come out. =.=

  147. Lim Says:

    Stupid Andrew Choo and vsaEswaran. All their tips useless like dog only. Lucky I am able to answer the questions. zzz..feel so cheated though :/

  148. boco Says:

    hey guyzz maybe plot or interesting event coming for eng pmr….maybe….. all the the bestttt …. bu bye

  149. ariescandy314 Says:

    am from a chinese independent skul 🙂
    and the bm karangan paper today was damn damn hard!!!!!
    i dunno why lots of SMK students told me it was easy.
    the ringkasan was IMPOSSIBLE and the Bahagian C’s questions was all sooo hard!!!!!
    and everyone was spreading around the rumour about the teknik plot and gaya bahasa.
    but thn, this morning bfor the exam, i had a strange feeling tat latar masa or latar tempat would come out. AND IT DID!!!! OMGOSHHH!!!!! ive also predicted sum questions for our trial. and all of them were right!!! arrrgghh!!

  150. Nazrin Says:

    lol.. so many ramalan question not out oohh >.<… especially P.ISlam..

  151. emah Says:

    banyakla korang….
    yg spot sume x kuar….
    andrew choo punye tips pon x leh pakai…..
    per arr….
    caye ar..x de org leh teka ape kuar….

  152. emah Says:

    kite wat no 2…pasal peranan ibu bape…
    paper 1 ader certain yg mgelirukan gak arr…
    agame kite wat soalan 2………hrap dpt 9a’s…amin2 ya rabbalalamin…………..tawakal

  153. uncertified... Says:

    AC ramalan actually works..
    comes almost everything in P.Islam..
    damn gifted..
    thnx AC!!!

  154. syer Says:

    ha3!!thts rght..thy’re uslss..huh!!but i cn do da ltr tmpt 2!!coz i’ve alrdy preprd with plot..

  155. Billy Fam Says:

    Anyone have soalan spot or Bocor? Don’t mind share with me? please send to me by msn or email. yingnan_fam@hotmail.com


  156. AddyDidjital Says:

    hye everyone..Bout PMR today..i don’t know what to say la…BM paper 1 was quite hard you know…adoi..and 4 the Paper 2,was okay la..P.Islam i can’t answer question NO.5 la..there’s to many spot questions did not come out..so sad huhuhu..
    btw,add me up at Myspace:infinity_g35@yahoo.com
    cheers everyone n gud luck 4 ur PMR!!!!8A’s!!!

  157. Nazrin Says:

    lol, haha.. i read the plot only 5 minutes before entering the examination hall again ;).. then I can do all the latar tempat and all other soalan.. thanks to my teacher 😉

  158. shadowblinker Says:

    english a bit sad. but science so easy.. luv PMR

  159. syer Says:

    n once again the spot q didnt came out!!ho3..
    >>cant wait 4 math ppr 2mrrw!!<<^^

  160. Nazrin Says:

    there are, andrew choo spot is correct..

    Speech and Most Interesting event.. huhu.. :)..

    Hmm… Tomorrow?.. Math?.. ah I hate construction.. going to study it now.. I improve that, I confirm A on math 😛

  161. Nazrin Says:

    haha, but not for science,, which hurt me so much.. I’m stress on that.. hope still A lah 😦

  162. Nazrin Says:

    who want paper 1 mathematic answer..

    come this website 😉


  163. syer Says:

    hey..thnx alot nazrin!!btw..whre dd u get da answr??is it from ur teachr??i hope all of tht answr are crrct!!coz i’ll got 40/40 if i fllwd ur ‘skema’!!kawai~~^^..ho3..i’m vry hppy rght now..

  164. syer Says:

    erm..how abt da history n othr subjct??did u hv their ‘answr’s skema??’

  165. Nazrin Says:

    congrats syer, i’m jealous.. i only got 34/40.. :(.. but I know I still can get A :P..

    and yes it’s from my teacher..
    i don’t have the skema for the other subject yet.. I will tell you when I got any.. and please tell me too if you have any :P..haha..

    what is your target for PMR?

  166. shadowblinker Says:

    i got 40 for math 1.
    thx nazrin for the scheme.

  167. syer Says:

    yea..ofcrs!!^^as u now,,my nme is syer so i’ll share wif evry one!!ha3..

    erm my target??ofcrs strght a’s(9)!!but i strt wrrying abt my history!!i hate dat sbjct!!n 2mrrw!!kh n arab!!hu3..an0thr sbjct dat i ddnt lke actlly..

    >>nzrin..4 kh!!ko amik pilihn apew??

  168. kris Says:

    hey… if anyone has the skema for sej… pls post it! I’m so worried about sej cos i’m crap at it… lol… good luck for the rest of your exams btw

  169. Nazrin Says:

    Perdagangan,, ah.. I hate KH.. but will do my best.. Hope will be easy as hell lah.. like Sejarah.. :P.. lol.. sejarah easy lah.. but I confuse .. I hope A :P.. hahaha

    KO ambik pilihan teknikal ke?

  170. Nazrin Says:

    I didn’t take Arab :P.. I don’t even know how to write JAWI.. >.<..

  171. emah Says:

    takutnyer bhasa arab…..
    ….haritu penanda kertas ba dtg sekolah sy….
    dier gambar tuk wat ayat gambar sukan…tp x tau arr…
    sbab taun lepas punyer dier spot mmg kuar…pasal gambar kat bandar kan…..
    ……gud luck yg amik bhasa arab…hrap kite sume dpt 9A’S…..insyallah!!!!

  172. syer Says:

    nope!!prdgngn gaks..same like u!! i hope i cld tke ERT>>easy to get an A!!^^lols..

    owh..u like sjrh??really???so how is ur history ppr just now??is it easy 4 u??

  173. syer Says:

    ”I didn’t take Arab :P.. I don’t even know how to write JAWI.. >.<..”by nazrin

    there..u’re writing JAWI just now!!ha3..XD
    juz kddg!!

  174. syer Says:

    sorry2!!u alrdy said tht sejrh wuz easy!!hu3
    I’m jealous wif u!!btw..gud luck 4 2mrrow!!


  175. Nazrin Says:

    yup, sejarah is easy for me.. haha.. LOL.. don’t be jealous lah.. u got 40/40 in math paper 1.. sure A already :P.. haha.. I haven’t do revision for KH.. LOL.. I’ll just read 120 question tomorrow 5AM! :P..

  176. Nazrin Says:

    another problem for KH-PK is that, it’s not popular.. only ERT and KT very popular.. :(.. you see, satu je soalan KH-PK ada kat internet.. from N9 je.. haha.. so sad.. 😦

  177. aa Says:

    our school take kemahiran teknikal..
    not so hard than my school test xD

  178. syer Says:


  179. Nazrin Says:

    yup finally :).. haha .it’s over 😉

  180. Nazrin Says:

    come and check my blog from time to time.. i’ll update the real answers for PMR..


  181. syazwan ismail Says:

    hye… nak mntk tlong ni… sy nak mntak soalan ramalan PMR laa… mm… kalo bleh sy nak soalan math, science, b.i, sjarah n geo.. please… kalo ad, e-mail sy kat pakmeon94@yahoo.com… ptolongan anda mat sy hrgai…

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  184. Afifuddin Says:

    please…saya mintak soalan ramalan/spot untuk 8 subjek pmr.

  185. fifiey Says:

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  186. shida Says:

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    it’s terrifying

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    emelkan kpd kami whatever_iya@yahoo.com 😉

  195. leya Says:

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  199. Susanna Says:


    Can send me all subjects paper from Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor?

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  215. jennyjoe Says:

    i oso heard tat for tis year pmr maths paper 2, 2007’s paper 2 is cumin out.juz tat i’m not sure coz u no its juz 2 years back n tis msg ws frm my friend. seems she gt to knw frm sum pmr paper marking people whn she went to sum seminar reasonly.. do u no anything about it?? reply me to my mail.

  216. sugan Says:

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    kalau ada soalan bocor sila hantar ke emel yang tertera….terima kasih,,jika ada hadiah akan diberi iaitu senyuman bahagia!!! ;0

  220. Farysa lops2 Says:

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    nyh pun aku collect dr dua sumber…

    kalo science plk….variety resources, world through senses, nutrition, interdependence, water n solutions, dynamics, excretion, reproduction, electricity, m generation of elctricity….yg nyh pun dr 2 sumber…

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  228. Gudgirl Says:

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  229. Gudgirl Says:

    kenapa tiada soalan bocor tahun in.Menyusahkan je kami untuk belajar..

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  256. pzul Says:

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  259. den Says:

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  260. muthu Says:

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    xyah larh mntx soaln bocr…
    sesungguhnye allah xske org mnipu..

  277. mira Says:

    xadew soalan jwb ka???

  278. ecah Says:

    mne komsas nyer…???

  279. raka q Says:

    tolonglah lau sape2 ade information tentang soalan PMR tahun ni, 2010 share2 la dgn sy k,. t sy share gn kowg jgk lw de imfrmation

  280. My brothers upsr pls help and give important question thank you very much bye

  281. ladyJANNAH Says:

    hey ! bole tak bagi apa2 paper pun untuk soalan PMR? tak kisah la , apa2 pun bole . thanks !

    email saya kat ,

  282. eiqa Says:

    ape kuar pmr nie taun nyer???.. mintk tlg la share2 kt kta org..

  283. eragon Says:

    tlng ar antar sume soalan PMR yg korng ade. x kesah la trial ke pertengahan taun dr 2007 tau dr sume negeri…terutamenyer base arab…nie e-mail aq

  284. jebon_gendut Says:

    woi ! 2008 PUNYA KA???? AKU INGAT 2010 PUNYA !!! PENAT MNYALIN JARH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  285. liviyaa Says:

    saya mahukan soalan trial paper untuk semua negeri pls!!!=)…Emel saya livi_kardashian@yahoo.com

  286. aloy Says:

    ermmm… tkut nya saye.. dah dkat pmr uda, tp lm lg ada persediaan..

  287. siti Says:

    nak cari soalan pmr x jumpa lagi nie….naik gila gak dah nak pmr x lama dah…kat mana nak cari soalan ae????boleh kongsi x??? anybody??? dah pening nie…

  288. ariff Says:

    bm klua
    bhg c
    ibu bapa
    rumahku syurga ku
    langkah jimat cermat
    cara memupuk minat membaca
    dan tentang ibu bapa
    tu jela yg saye tau
    kalau ade soalan bocor share la (ariff_yeh95@yahoo.com)
    saye pun x pasti mane

  289. menaga Says:

    hye….tlg lah..tahu ape2……juz e-mail.me…..plz!!!

  290. fairuz Says:


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  291. fairuz Says:

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  292. fairuz Says:

    correction:jawapan bocor untuk semua kertas soalan objectif(yg ade 40soalan)

  293. Michelle Kor Says:

    May I please have the papers from all the other states for PMR? Email me at michelle_kor@hotmail.com Thanks!

  294. Ctlyie Says:

    Hey people, i need PMR trials Bocor ):

  295. mieyza Says:

    plzz..tlong bantu gua… gua mau soalan mt,sc,sj,kh pilihn 4, bi paper 2…plzzzz gua mau soalan yg susah punye….. erghhhhh 😦

  296. alya Says:

    weyh,mntak tlong bole tak?tlong antakan trial pmr negeri terengganu ngn klantan kt email sye?

  297. vimala Says:

    can u send me t’ganu n klantan’s trial paper???
    send 2 my email keyh…i’m waiting wif hope..

  298. vishhni Says:

    hi….i sitting 4 pmr test 4 this year too…if u guys have any soalan pls give also n i’ll tell u guys too.thank you and good luck.

  299. loer Says:

    im get pmr soalan bocor if someone want it pls contact my fcbook loe is my nick name

  300. naraak Says:

    blh tlng bg tau apa y diramalkan msuk dlm smua subjek utk PMR 2010..dn nak minta trial tahun lepas smua subjek..hrp dpt hntr pd e-mail sy..my e-mail: spring_wait2@yahoo.com

  301. aliff_rozmi Says:

    haloe smue…. ley mntk tlom smue… lau ad soalan2 bocor t0o ejaz r bgtau aq gak… deh… plz……………
    p an ejaz uh… bkan pew/…. aq bab2 nie nie kureg cikit…kih999….
    ok2 la0w ade cntct aq kay… ok fwens,…. g0od lack….

  302. sarah Says:

    hi if anybody hv any state pmr trial beside Selangor pls email to me skly@gmail.com cos my cikgu sedang minta

  303. chichiko Says:

    kalau kita orang ada apa sai kita org mau ke sini.TOLONGLAH

  304. wan Says:

    Pls email me a spot questions of PMR 2010 & trial PMR …pls i hope u ‘ll hv me…

  305. syahirah Says:

    to all PMR candidates,
    actually i am 19 years old…hurm there are some tips i like to shares with u all…
    by the way,walaupun akak dah lps exm pmr,akak pon pernah sit exam walaupun sudah lamer berkurun..
    ok, mcm nih,paper from neg KELANTAN n TERENGGANU mmg tersangat popular dari dulu lagi.n akak dulu pon bljr di kelantan as u all guys kalu kenal sekolah akak yang 2x pernah jadi best student MALAYSIA (spm)..(maahad muhammadi perempuan)..cikgu2 sekolah akak mmg terlalu bnyak spot n soklan2 mereka yang mereka bagi latih tubi mesti salah satunya wajib keluar.tak pernah yang tak keluar.so if u all ader kwn from akak nyer sekolah,its better.n when akak tgk blik komen2 korang,akak pon raser pmr it could be comin’ out from kelantn n terengganu states.n mb from SBP school it will comin’ out from year 2008.plis do an analysis for the questions.now its better kalu korang buat semua soklan dari semua negeri n buat buku koleksi soklan peperiksaan yang lepas2 n do some analysis.sbb pengalaman akak,sesetengah subjek pnggubal suker amik dari past2 year paper n paper from klntn n terengganu.n mb it could be sumtimes from SBP and SMS schools too..so try the best to get much info for u all nyer exams nih.bg akak jgn percy pada spot yang tidak sahih.tp cuber wat research spot from others states..
    and too all adik2..
    akak wish kat korang good luck for korang nyer examz.all the best..dun try the best,but do da best…insyaAllah if kalu korang dari dulu kept on study u all will get the flying colors but if baru skrg nk study it doesn’t mean to you all.Sbb Allah maha adil kpd apa Dia nak bagi.tapi Allah juga maha mengetahui dan Dia berkehendak kpd sesaoer sajer yang Dai nak bagi.So berdoa n solat lah hajat banyak2 bagi korang yang beragama Islam.insyaAllah Allah akan mendengar doa kita semua.

  306. syahirah Says:

    some tips to all of you…
    tyme wat soklan dr semua states tuh,tyr highlight the common questions yang selalu dier tanyer…n way analysis dari past2 year paper n from all states.korang akan nmpak dengan jelas mana yang korang kene pay attentions for which one of the questions n on which chapter…u will get the answers..trust me..
    now,korang kalu boleh tgk skema jawapan bagi setiap subjek.sbb dari situ korang akan tahu cara2 nk jwb soklan.n PLIS HIGHLIGHT THE IMPORTANT THINGS THAT SHOULD BE DONE N PAY ATTENTION on it..the ways how the answers are given to you also you have to knows better because from the answers it will teached you how to tackle the tricky questions…
    n do some research..

  307. letsma Says:

    hey i got ramalan that maybe formal letter come out for pmr………n bahagian c maybe compare nilai

  308. aiman muar Says:

    ellow sume2 dak pmr2…ada tak soalan2 bocor….pmr 2010 pnyer…..mau dehhh…..

  309. myra Says:

    cewhhh!mty3 igt solan bocor!
    kowank agk2 jee ekhhhh?

  310. dante azalas Says:

    lol… sume x masok la…
    sains x de kew?/?/?

  311. catherine Says:

    to all pmr candidates..all d best 4 ur exams…

  312. ahmad Says:

    aq ade soalan bocor untuk bm.. bhgn a buat sendiri ah n… bhgn B die tanye kesan pembalakan tidak terkawal. bghn C cara membalas jasa ibu bapa. bhg D nilai kasih sayang

  313. yarminee Says:

    i need so badly the ques 4 kh pd..
    if we get the past year ques is more than enuf but i dun think so we’ll get it..
    anyway if anyone got any tips pls email me k..

  314. Muhd Asyraf Says:

    alles gute (good luck in german)
    wish all candidates of PMR at SBPI Gombak
    get 9 A’s straight

    sincerely from your junior

  315. surya Says:

    ya betulla

  316. afnan Says:

    kalau ade apew2 soalan yg bcr hantar lah ke alamat ni

  317. Aqilah y Says:

    i’m readyy , oh yeah!

  318. Aqilah y Says:

    PMR CANDIDATES 2011. who’s readyyy ?

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