My comment for PMR 2008 ^^

October 17, 2008


the first day – BM and PAI :

– BM paper 1 is not that challenging

– my first reaction when i read bm paper 2 is like ” what the hell with all the spot questions??”

but still…i can answer it…n i hope that the teacher who meant to mark my bm essay

is generous enough to give me 37 or more marks for my essay ^^

– pai is easy…n again…even the question that almost all state spotted ” ehsan for binatang ”

didnt come out…

Second day of PMR – Science and BI

– i scored full marks for BI paper 1…40/40…yeah baby!!!

– BI paper 2 makes me happy…soo0000ooo happy!!

– i scored 40/40 for science paper 1…hoho00

– SC paper 2 is rated as ‘average’

Third  day of PMR – Math and sejarah :

– math paper 1…i like how they coloured the diagrams in pink n stuff…and again…40/40

– math paper 2…i didnt get all correct…waaahhhh…i made a silly mistake for 19 (b)

– sejarah was never easy for me….but still can survive…I WILL SURVIVE

Fourth day of PMR – KH perdagangan n Bahasa arab :

– KH is not that hard…i didnt check my answer with the teacher though…im too00 scared ^^

– Ba is kinda hard…but still manage to answer coz they provide us with 4 pages of ‘fi’il’ meaning…those who took BA…yes!! we are blessed^^

Last day of PMR- Geografi :

– im happy…its the last day of reading!!

i will so never go to scholl after this…hehe…geografi makes me feel good…but i didnt scored 60/60…i’ve got like 3 or 4 questions wrong…careless mistakes!!

Hah…this week is indeed a long…suffocating one…i was hoping to get some rest ( sleeping all day ) tomorrow…but men!! i still need to take MRSM test tomorrow..9 0’clock sharp….


to everyone who pray for my success..thank you sooo000 much….

PMR has ended…dont give too much thought of wether u will score straight A’s or not…coz…

believe me…GOD will always be with us…DIA akan kurniakan kita kejayaan coz we all hav work hard enough….



ive closed the comment box due to some inapropriate comments ive been getting…sorry if i offend you in any way…i dont want to make enemies ^^


33 Responses to “My comment for PMR 2008 ^^”

  1. syer Says:

    hey!!i want all da answr!!can u send it to me plishhhh!!

  2. 3krk1 smkdmpr2 Says:

    sorry…ive thrown them away

  3. syer Says:

    wht??i mean PMR answr!!cpt nyer dh buang!!

  4. zam Says:

    ko bole jwb blake ba ????

    aku rae sangat susah dan kemungkinan besar

    akan diturunkan gred !!

  5. syer Says:

    hey..hw is ur MRSM test going juz now??

  6. syer Says:

    hw is ur MRSM test going juz now??

  7. Nazrin Says:

    wah, you’re great ;).. very intelligent..

    can you give me the PMR BI answers? .. and also PMR BM if you can?.. :).. I’ll be so glad 😉

  8. Nazrin Says:

    Ah, and also science pls.. :)..

    You know, I make a silly mistake on science paper 1.. :(.. I hope I still can score at least 32/40 >.<..

  9. 3krk1 smkdmpr2 Says:

    haha..syer..i only mean that literally…
    of course i still hav all my paper with me..they are in my school desk drawer…precise the word ‘ my school ‘…if i want to post them here…men…i’ll have to go to school first…and…I really dont want to go to school right now( i need some mind rest )…so..I DONT THINK SO…..

  10. 3krk1 smkdmpr2 Says:

    to syer:
    MRSM math test are crazy…
    do they really expect a 15 year old mind to solve that kind of questions???
    i can barely score 35/50 i think…
    saya sempat solve 35 soalan je..the know…belasah je^^

    the other 2 papers- keperibadian diri and science:
    – I finish anwswering keperibadian diri like 10 minutes…
    im seriously in love with the questions..haha
    – Science is okay la..

    So you took the exam too??

  11. 3krk1 smkdmpr2 Says:

    To Nazrin :

    wait…wait…wait..hold the applause~~

    haha…your words are making me blushed^^
    Thank you!!

    I dont think i will post the answers…
    Just wait 2 or 3 more days…there will be loads of sites uploading the exam answers…
    so..i dont think ill do it…
    i just want to retire from posting posts..
    for now…i will just checking out the comments..and replying to few…

  12. Nazrin Says:

    oh please 3rk1..
    you can post the answer to me in my email :)..
    please.. really need it as fast as possible .. I’m so eager to know the answers >.<.. pls pls.. <– this is my email..
    I hope you’ll give it to me tomorrow :).. plss.. 🙂

  13. Nazrin Says:

    I’m waiting for the science and Bi answers :).. hihi..

    and you’re a fan of Hero JaeJong? LOL.. go Yunho 😛

  14. syer Says:

    huh nzrin wuz tooo busy wif his yunhoo!!
    nooo…go junsu^^go junsu!!hoo3^^

    hurm..huda(slmbr jew ak pggl ko cam nieyh)heh3!!
    bleh kn??
    yup..i took tht exm 2!!rs cam nk mati jew pas jwp sume sokln 2!!TT^TT(bersih otk ak)

  15. Nazrin Says:

    lol! haha.. huda.. we’re waiting for you 😛

  16. 3krk1 smkdmpr2 Says:

    yes…i am a huda…but please…
    I prefer to be call mira..

    Nazrin and syer:
    keputusan muktamad…sadly…i will not(never) post the answers…^^



    but wait…you guys do use ‘guys’ name…but tell me…korang laki ke perempuan

  17. Nazrin Says:

    :(.. sob..

    I’m a guy huahua…

  18. Nazrin Says:

    keputusan muktamad…sadly…i will not(never) post the answers…^^

    This hurt :(..

  19. syer Says:

    n I’m gurl lah!!^^

  20. syer Says:

    (syer)<> my frnz gve it!!sgktn frm syera!!myb i’m a sharing prs0n!!^^ 2 meet u mira!!*HUGS*

    nzrin: <_< hehehe!!

  21. Nazrin Says:

    hmm.. i just need answers for BI and SN.. I hope I can get it as fast as possible from anyone that willing to help :)..

  22. cheong Says:

    bm paper 1 called easy? i think it is too hard for me..

  23. Nazrin Says:

    Mira, can you please giv eme BI and Science answers ( if you already changed your mind ).. :)..

  24. Mujahid Says:

    You like a silky,silky baby girl!Do you that?What about if you just give the answers Huda or ‘Mira’.I don’t have time to persuade a baby girl like you.


    I just kidding……
    PLEASE,CAN YOU GIVE THE ANSWERS.And for you guys,if you want the answers for SN,BM,GEO……I can hand it you you.

  25. Johnny J. Says:

    i think my BM will get B…
    bcoz my paper 1 oredy like “….”

  26. wong Says:

    gv me all subject answer pls urgent pls

  27. Leo Says:

    Hai!! Im So Scared When The 1st Time To Answer The Question.. >,<! Huhuu.. But, At The End.. I Enjoy It.. Hahaa.. Lolz.. Gud Luck Guys..

  28. Leo Says:

    Owh.. Mujahid.. Plss.. Can Hand It To Mee?? The Answer For The SN, BM, And Geo? You Really Helpful… Thx.. ^^!

  29. a u t u m n Says:

    omg.. y r u so clever??????!!!!

  30. wan Says:

    mcm mana nak check result pmr

  31. Kelvindy Says:

    The BM,Geo,KHB,Math and Sn Questions is easy…. But,I can’t believe that I can’t score BM,KHB and Geo…..I’m not very confident when I’m answering the questions…But still,I can score well…. I’m so sad right now… My friends said that you can score in PMR….because my answer and my friends answer is almost the same….But my friends got ‘A’ and I don’t…..I hope someone will read this comment….

  32. 3krk1 smkdmpr2 Says:

    dont be too sad *gently patting ur back*
    everythin happen 4 a reason..
    just stop thinkin negatively and try to think of the positive side..

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