September 4, 2008

Hey everyone!!

If you are from penang, perlis, sabah, sarawak, terengganu or pahang..

please share your papers…email it to me..or if anyone found them on the web

please tell me!!

i want kemahiran hidup pilihan 4 ( perdagangan dan keusahawanan ) papers..from any state..

if  you dont have scanner just snap pictures of the papers ( i dont care about the quality..)  and email it to me…please

my hotmail:  bsg_jeajung@hotmail

BTW, I found three good websites that i think have what you guys want






8 Responses to “ATTENTION!!”

  1. hain Says:

    pls post those papers

    i really need them

    and thnx sooo much for the webs


  2. tuck Says:

    i want paper from johor…

  3. Rebel Says:

    I want papers from sbp and KL…thx a lot for ur website!

  4. asyraf Says:

    found dis website.
    there are trial exam papers.

  5. simlu Says:

    can you send me all the trial papers from other school and states…please!!!

  6. hanima ron Says:

    Assalamu’alaikum ^^

    may i know which state you come from?
    if you’re not from Selangor, i can share with you my ‘kh-pilihan 4’ paper.
    sorry if there are too many grammatical error.
    i’m still lern to improve my english:D

  7. starish Says:

    can anyone send me the trial PMR terengganu science 1 & science 2 to me?

  8. Admin Says:

    I have the sarawak paper with me, in my weblog

    thz you

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