August 16, 2009


haha…so long since my last post…now im writing on this blog again…my famous blog..haha…i dont know why….i just feel SOOOOO COOL…^^.. *okay…im done mengarut…now lets get to the point*

kpd junior-junior ku..*ceh belagak besar*

firstly…i want to say how sorry i am coz i dont think i can help you guys lah..

-coz living in a hostel REALLY do limit my online time..

-im just too busy with my own messy life right now..

i’ve read the comments asking for this year trial paper n spot questions and all…and i am sorry that the act ive chosen was to just ignore…coz by the meantime..thats all i can do ^^


what i suggest is……

for you guys to search for the papers at…

i am quite sure that someone must have uploaded them…



YOU CAN DO IT….FIGHTING *waving pom poms*

wooooooooooohoooooooooohoooooohooooooooohooooo ^^



January 25, 2009


am i happy?

no ūüė¶

the very first minute when i check the sbp intake result…i was like


im officially dead

what the hell???

what school is this??

i never even heard of it

mrsm kuala terengganu..yea

but sbp kuala terengganu…hell no

” mom..i got into a what-his-face school”

huft…huft…im cool…ok im cool

so me being the positive mira decided to google it

n i found this chart:

Peperiksaan SPM 2007

Kedudukan 10 SBP Mengikut Gred Purata Sekolah
Peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia 2007
 Ked   Nama Sekolah  Bil. Calon  GPK
 1  SM Sains Seremban  223  1.562
 2  Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah  295  1.665
 3  SM Sains Alam Shah  286  1.688
 4  SBP Intergrasi Gombak  181  1.770
 5  SM Sains Seri Puteri  210  1.877
 6  SM Sains Kuala Terengganu  156  1.947
 7  SM Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra  186  1.956
 8  SM Sains Muar  389  2.009
 9  Sekolah Tun Fatimah  143  2.017
 10  Kolej Tengku Kurshiah  144  2.070

so im not going into a ‘lame’ school at all…

its a good school

it even beats tkc, stf and mckk

but then again…

am i happy?

no ūüė¶


because my friend got in to seseri….

my targeted sbp…..

and i am DAMN jealous….

DAMN jealous ūüė¶

to the point that i almost cry….n i dont even cry during the motivational talk that got all my friends even boys to tears…( i told u…im just cool like that)

this morning i google ‘sester terengganu’

n i found this blog

and the writer also got in sester…and she is sad too….she wants to go to ssp and i want to go to seseri….

so i posted a comment on her blog…

and you know what??

i comforted her…

saying thats sester is not that bad…

who’s grandmother am i joking??? * knock my head really hard on the wall and i seriously think that several brain cells died during the proses*

i am so totally is comforting myself…and not her…

but i feel better after that…and i hope she will too…

dear god….i badly wants to meet this ‘sara’ girl…we share the same fate(and the same addiction=dbsk)…what are we?? long- lost siamese twins who have the same brain divided in half during the seperation surgery??


adapting myself that i scored poorly for PMR..thats why i dont get in to seseri…my friend’s results is better than me…thats why she got in to seseri…and not ME!!!

i repent myself..

why…oh why dont i study well for pmr..

why oh why do i act so macho and chose to seriously study only a night before pmr…

is this the ‘punishment’ dear god???

or is sester the best place for me…the best place that will lead me to achieve a succesful life…to become billionare when im 25, own¬†a ‘wisma mira’ when im 26¬†and an¬†EVO¬†when im 27 ^^


January 22, 2009

2 important facts for calon pmr 2008:

– semakan sbp first intake is on 24 januari 2009 (please dont ask me why the hell they postponed it)

and pendaftaran akan start on 10 Februari 2009..semakan bleh la dibuat kot

– semakan for mrsm online akan open on minggu akhir januari ( start 26th )

as far as i know..tarikh specific belum diumumkan

A Wrap!!

January 1, 2009

30 disember 2008 is totally listed on my-best-day-of-my-life list..

i won!!

i won!!

i get 9A’s for pmr !!

and i’m happy beyond words..

i mean..finally..the journey/race/game is over..

and it ended BEAUTIFULLY…i won

thank you god…i love you *muahhhh*


my sincerest ‘ CONGRATULATIONS’ to all yg berjaya score 9A’s or 8A’s

all your hard work had paid off..congratulations!!!

My comment for PMR 2008 ^^

October 17, 2008


the first day – BM and PAI :

– BM paper 1 is not that challenging

– my first reaction when i read bm paper 2 is like ” what the hell with all the spot questions??”

but still…i can answer it…n i hope that the teacher who meant to mark my bm essay

is generous enough to give me 37 or more marks for my essay ^^

– pai is easy…n again…even the question that almost all state spotted ” ehsan for binatang ”

didnt come out…

Second day of PMR – Science and BI

–¬†i scored full marks for BI paper 1…40/40…yeah baby!!!

– BI paper 2¬†makes me happy…soo0000ooo happy!!

– i scored 40/40 for science paper 1…hoho00

– SC paper 2 is rated as ‘average’

Third  day of PMR РMath and sejarah :

– math paper 1…i like how they coloured the diagrams in pink n stuff…and again…40/40

– math paper 2…i didnt get all correct…waaahhhh…i made a silly mistake for 19 (b)

– sejarah was never easy for me….but still can survive…I WILL SURVIVE

Fourth day of PMR – KH perdagangan n Bahasa arab :

– KH¬†is not that¬†hard…i didnt check¬†my answer¬†with the teacher though…im too00 scared ^^

– Ba is kinda hard…but still manage to answer coz they provide us with 4 pages of ‘fi’il’ meaning…those who took¬†BA…yes!! we are blessed^^

Last day of PMR- Geografi :

– im happy…its the last day of reading!!

i will so never go to scholl after this…hehe…geografi makes¬†me feel good…but¬†i didnt scored 60/60…i’ve got like 3 or 4 questions wrong…careless mistakes!!

Hah…this week is indeed a long…suffocating one…i was hoping to get some rest ( sleeping all day¬†) tomorrow…but men!! i still need to take MRSM test tomorrow..9 0’clock sharp….


to everyone who pray for my success..thank you sooo000 much….

PMR has ended…dont give too much thought¬†of wether¬†u will score straight A’s or not…coz…

believe me…GOD will always be with us…DIA akan kurniakan kita kejayaan coz we all hav work hard enough….



ive closed the comment box due to some inapropriate comments ive been getting…sorry if i offend you in any way…i dont want to make enemies ^^

Soalan spot PMR 2008

September 23, 2008

be sure to check out ‘soalan spot/bocor’ page..

and share ur spot questions too!!


September 4, 2008

Hey everyone!!

If you are from penang, perlis, sabah, sarawak, terengganu or pahang..

please share your papers…email it to me..or if anyone found them on the web

please tell me!!

i want kemahiran hidup pilihan 4 ( perdagangan dan keusahawanan ) papers..from any state..

if¬† you dont have scanner just snap pictures of the papers ( i dont care about the quality..) ¬†and email it to me…please

my hotmail:  bsg_jeajung@hotmail

BTW, I found three good websites that i think have what you guys want





( click on the link below to view the file or to download it )

Trial PMR 2008 Pahang – English Paper 1 and 2 (with ans)